The RECARE project will host the following Plenary meetings:

Period Name Year Location
1 Kick-off meeting 2014 Valencia, Spain
2 2nd Plenary Meeting 16-20/03/2015 Padova, Italy
3 3rd Plenary Meeting 2016 Cyprus
4 4th Plenary Meeting May/2017 Iceland
5 Final Plenary meeting 2018 unknown









The RECARE project will host the following Work Package Leader (WPL) meetings:

Period Name Date/Year Location
1 Pre-kick-off meeting 12/2013 Zandvoort, The Netherlands
2 2nd WPL meeting 9&10 Oct/2014 Berlin, Germany
3 3rd WPL meeting Sep/2015 Portugal
4 4th WPL meeting xx/2016 unknown
5 5th WPL meeting xx/2017 unknown











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