Author-e questions

What is Author-e and what is it used for?

Author-e is an online tool that greatly simplifies generating scientific reports for EU funded projects in the 7th framework call (FP7). It is pre-filled with partner data and work package information, and contains assignments at both project level as on WP level. WP leaders are enabled to enter their own assignments for partners in their own WP.

How do I get access to Author-e, how do I log in?

If the coordinator has assigned you as a user in Author-e, the Author-e online tool has sent you a login e-mail containing all necessary data to login. It is also possible that the login is contained in the assignment e-mail that is sent from the system. If not, please contact your Author-e administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

When do the online reports have to be submitted / filled in?

In the RECARE Reporting Schedule P1, all deadlines have been planned. Please consult this Schedule.

What kind of data does Author-e contain?
Athor-e contains the complete project planning, WP information, Deliverables information and Milestones information. The complete project blueprint is contained in the reporting layout.

Do I need to type in all my data in the online system? I am afraid I lose my work when my internet connection fails.

It is wise to regularly save your work when entering text in the online system. It is, however, also possible to write your report on your computer in Word, and then later upload this Word text into EU-xpert. Basic formatting is also available in Author-e. Consult the Author-e user manual on how to use various editing options.

I want to send assignments to multiple partners, how do I do that?

From within Author-e, in the selection tree in the left pane, first select the WP and section you want to make a new assignment for. Click on the '+'sign in the right window so enter a new assignment text, and type in your assignment text in the window that opens. On the bottom of the assignment you can select the first assignee you want to send the assignment to. Click on the 'add assignee' button on the bottom of the window to add one or more assignees, and subsequently select their names from the dropdown box. Check the 'email' boxes if you want to sent the assignments by email (not yet done in the image below). Click 'save' to actually send the assignments and save it in the system.

How do I conveniently send out an assignment for reporting on all topics within one Workpackage?

In the navigation tree on the left hand side in Autor-e, there is a navigation tree for all topics in the project (see figure below). It is possible to send out an assignment for all 'child' -topics within a 'parent topic' by issuing an assignment for the 'parent' topic, instead of every seperate 'child' -topic. In the figure below, an assignment is issued for the 'Workpackage 9' topic to 3 people (3 noteboard symbols behind the topic name). In the right pane can be seen that this assignment involves all 'child' topics as well.

I want to edit an already sent assignment and re-send the assignment, how do I do that?

It is possible that you want to alter eg. a deadline for an asignment or change the text in an assignment. This is possible. 1. Login into Author-e. 2. Open the already sent assignment by double-clicking on it in the left 'Table of Contents' -pane (select it from the Assignments list). Now the assignment opens in the right window. 3.Click inside the white box in the yellow pane (with grey text) to add a comment (see image below, where you see the assignment created on 2013-05-08 and where I added a note on 2013-06-05), and/or to change the Due date. For resending the assignment to the assignees, also tick the Email boxes behind the names of the assignees. 4. Click 'Save' to actually send out the emails with the edited assignments.

Please note that if no comment is added, you are not able to re-send the assignment!

FORCE questions (for Financial Responsibles)

How do I get access to FORCE, how do I log in?

The FORCE tool is part of the EU Participant Portal. The Participant Portal can be accessed here:

A login has been created by the EU for the representative of your institute. If you do not already are a user of the Participant Portal, your representative can add you as a user of the Participant Portal and create a login for you. In order to enter financial reports, you must have the appropriate rights in the system. 

Does every partner have access to FORCE?
All partners have access to FORCE through the Participant Portal. However, the access is limited to their own section.