Periodic Reporting Information Page

Upcoming FINAL periodic report: Period 4. Final deadline for submission by coordinator: December 30th, 2018.

This page gives information on the reporting procedure and the online reporting tools (Author-e) and EU FORCE. These tools enable partners in the project to produce both the required scientific and management reports.

The schedule for the 2018 RECARE final reporting gives an overview of the deadlines for submitting reports, data, etc.

General information

In this section some general information can be viewed regarding the two online reporting tools Author-e and FORCE;

  • A document giving a general overview and explanation of the periodic report for RECARE as issued by the EU can be downloaded here: (RECARE progress report P4 instructions.pdf (to be updated)).
  • The time schedule for the 2018 RECARE reporting (Period 4) gives an overview of the deadlines for submitting reports, data, etc. can be downloaded here: (Recare - Reporting Schedule P4 e-submission.pdf(to be updated)).

The Periodic Report consist of 2 sections: (A) Financial reporting and (B) Scientific reporting. These two sections are described below.

A. Financial reporting with FORCE

The financial reporting is done using the EU FORCE online tool (accessible through the online EU Participant Portal ), by the financial department or financially responsibles of every project partner.

Steps to follow (Financial Responsibles) (can also be read in this document):

  1. make an overview of the costs of the reporting period,
  2. login to the Participan Portal (PP),
  3. enter the FORCE financial tool by clicking the 'FR' (Financial Reporting) icon in the PP,
  4. enter your financial data in the FORCE tool, include justification of costs,
  5. Submit the Form-C to the coordinator (coordinator is notified automatically from the PP),
  6. when the coordinator has checked and approved your Form-C, print, sign and scan the Form-C,
  7. send your scan to the coordinator, keep the original Form-C,
  8. The Coordinator will submit both the Form-C from FORCE and the scan electronically to the EU.

Below is a list with user guides that will help with the filling out of the Form-C documents online.

B. Scientific reporting with Author-e

The scientific reporting is done using the Author-e online tool (accessible online through assignments sent by e-mail), by Work Package (WP) leader of every Work Package and by the coordinator. The online Author-e scientific reporting tool is a convenient tool that enables online cooperation without sending around Word files by e-mail. Author-e also facilitates WP leaders to set out their assignments to other project partners. The video below gives an extensive explanation of the different functions of the Author-e tool.
(Note: the video speaks about H2020 project tool, but the tool also works for FP7 projects - RECARE is an FP7 project).

Steps to follow (WP leaders):

  1. Wait for the reception of an Author-e assignment by e-mail that is sent to you from the Author-e tool (by the coordinator),
  2. Open the Author-e e-mail message and click on the assignment link, the Author-e tool is opened,
  3. Read the instructions in Author-e and write your report in Author-e, or upload your previously written report from your computer into Author-e. It is also possible to generate and send out your own assignments to other project partners (see the manuals on how to do this),
  4. After writing, notify the coordinator you are ready by setting the assignment status to 'DONE' in Author-e. The coordinator will receive a message from the system,
  5. The coordinator checks your report,
  6. When the coordinator requests changes in your report you will receive an additional assignment,
  7. When the coordinator is satisfied he sets the status of the assignment to 'READY'.

Below is a list with user guides that will help you using the Author-e online tool.

Useful Links

The following links are available for getting more information or gaining access to the online services: