The RECARE project has appointed a Project Advisory Board. 

A description of the Project Advisory Board (PAB) can be found in the Description Of Work (DOW):

The main function of the Project Advisory Board is the evaluation of project progress, and providing guidance regarding future work. The Project Advisory Board will be invited to attend the yearly plenary workshops. The
Project Advisory Board will:

  1. evaluate progress made during the course of the project,
  2. give recommendations for further actions for consideration to the project consortium, and
  3. will facilitate a dialogue with fora representing the wider community. The anticipated Project Advisory Board will consist of at least 4 members representing the:
  • Managers of natural resources and ecosystem services, and policy makers in these fields. For this purpose, a representative of governmental authorities from one of the countries with Case Study site will be approached to
    serve as a member on the Project Advisory Board.
  • European or international organisations, active in the field of natural resource management, soil degradation and ecosystem management, i.e. the UNEP, FAO, CBD, UNCCD, GEF, the European Environment Agency. Dr.
    Sally Bunning from the FAO will be approached as representative to serve as Advisory Board member.
  • The scientific/technical community, with a potential member from the World Conservation Union (IUCN), the European Society for Soil Conservation (ESSC), or the European Land and Soil Association (ELSA). Prof. J.
    Rubio from the ESSC will be approached for this purpose.
  • Industrial community, in relation to the subjects addressed in the proposal, e.g. food (delivery industry), insurance companies, manufacturers of agricultural equipment. Unilever will be approached to deliver a
    candidate for the Advisory Board.

Up to now, the following members of the PAB have been appointed:

  • Johan Kollerud
    Senior advisor of Landbruksdirektoratet / Eanandoallodirektoráhtta / Norwegian Agriculture Agency
    Department Resource and Area, Section Environment and climate

  • Dr Alastair Leake
    Director of Policy and The Allerton Project, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust. LinkedIn