The research in the RECARE project is done within a number of Case Studies, located in a number of different partner countries. The different Case Studies cover the soil threats as they are distinghuished within the project, according to the table below.

A detailed description of the RECARE Case Studies can be found on the RECARE HUB.

The different Case Study sites in the RECARE project are:

Site no. Site name Responsible Partner Institute Country Corresponding Soil Threat
1 Frienisberg, Switzerland 10 UNIBE Switzerland Soil Erosion by Water
2 Caramulo, Portugal 7 UA Portugal Soil Erosion by Water
3 Peristerona, Cyprus 5 CyI Cyprus Soil Erosion by Water
4 Messara, Crete 2 TUC Greece Salanization
5 Foulum, Denmark 3 AU Denmark Soil Compaction
6 Wroclaw, Poland 22 IUNG Poland Soil Sealing
7 Canyoles River Basin, Spain 4 UVEG Spain Desertification
8 Gunnarsholt, Iceland 8 SCSI Iceland Desertification
9 Vansjo, Norway 6 NIBIO Norway Flooding and Landslides
10 Myjava, Slovakia 20 STUBA Slovakia Flooding and Landslides
11 Veenweidegebied, Netherlands 16 DLO-ALTERRA Netherlands Loss of organic Matter in Peat soils
12 Broddbo, Sweden 18 SLU Sweden Loss of organic Matter
13 Eibergen, Netherlands 16 DLO-ALTERRA Netherlands Loss of organic Matter in Mineral soils
14 Veneto, Italy 26 UNIPD Italy Loss of organic Matter
15 Guadiamar, Spain 19 CSIC Spain Contamination
16 Copsa Mica, Rumania 21 ICPA Romania Contamination
17 Isle of Purbeck, UK 25 CU United Kingdom Loss of Soil biodiversity