The overall objective of WP1 is two-fold:

  1. to ensure proper activity management of the project,
  2. to streamline any administrative, financial, legal and IP (Intellectual Property) issues in order to enable RTD partners to focus on their research activities.

Specific sub-objectives are:

  1. Activity management to facilitate smooth operation of the project objectives by supporting the coordinator, WP,
  2. leaders and other partners, and compiling the periodic activity reports,
  3. To handle all the financial, administrative and legal matters of the consortium,
  4. Address gender equality issues in the project,
  5. To ensure good communication within the project, and to parties outside the consortium,
  6. To organize plenary project meetings and to facilitate the organization of Scientific Board meetings.

Description of Work and role of the partners

Task 1: Activity management (Lead partner 1, partners: WPs)
  • Activity management is aimed at tracking the progress of the activities of the project and includes:
    • i) maintenance of the project work plan and monitoring of its implementation,
    • ii) identification of required corrective actions and contingency plans,
    • iii) implementation of decisions of the project managerial bodies
  • Coordination of reporting procedures aimed at preparing periodic and final activity reports that comply with the EC rules
  • Give overall direction to the project and provide follow-up on decisions of the plenary project meetings and the Scientific Board meetings
  • The Project Advisory Board will be recruited and consulted regularly
Task 2: Financial and legal management (Lead partner 1)
  • Preparation of Consortium Agreement (CA) with the aim of regulating the managerial bodies, the decision making process, and the management of IP and prior-existing knowledge,
  • Financial administration will take care of:
    • i) timely distribution of funding to the partners via a dedicated Euro account,
    • ii) budget management, utilization and monitoring and,
    • iii) preparation of annual consortium consolidated financial statements,
  • Coordination of reporting procedures is aimed at preparing periodic and final management reports that comply with the EC rules. Preparation of periodic management reports, including justification of costs and Form C of all beneficiaries.
Task 3: Gender equality (Lead partner 17)

RECARE will actively promote gender equality within the consortium, and will also pay due attention to gender related aspects in executing the project, especially in relation to activities in each of the Case Study sites. Questionnaires and reports required by the European Commission concerning gender issues will be submitted. These activities will be coordinated by CorePage (partner 17).

Task 4: Communication (Lead partner 1, partners: 23)
  • To establish and maintain a project website, including a Dissemination and Communication Hub in collaboration with WP11,
  • To prepare a project dissemination, communication and visibility plan in collaboration with WP11.
  • To initiate and develop project working papers and project communication series for, respectively, internal and external communication of project results; also in collaboration with WP11.
Task 5: Organisation of meetings (Lead partner 1, partners: WPs)
  • Smooth organization and facilitation of activities of the project will be achieved by plenary meetings planned well in advance, which ideally will be hosted by partner organisations with Case Studies. The goal of the meetings is to evaluate project progress, to outline work plans, to have scientific discussions, targeted training sessions for project partners, and to receive updates regarding the financial and IP status and interactions with the EC,
  • Organisation and facilitation of Scientific Board meetings, which will be either physical meetings or electronic meetings, whatever is most appropriate at the time. Partner 1 (Alterra) will facilitate the organization of Scientific Board meetings which will be planned ahead of time Links with other WPs. WP1 has links to all WPs and partners, as it manages the whole project. There are in particular links with WP11 as communication, dissemination and visibility of the project are closely linked.

Person-months per Participant

Participant number 

Participant shot name 

Person-months per participant 

WU  21.0 
 TUC 2.0 
 NIBIO 1.0 
 UAVR 3.0 
10   UNIBE 1.0 
12   ISRIC 1.0 
13   JRC 1.0 
14   EI 1.0 
16   DLO-Alterra 21.0 
17   CorePage 1.0 
23   UoG 1.0 
24   RIKS 1.0 
  Total 55.0











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Delivery date 

RECARE website

16 3.0 O PU 3